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Wealth Structuring/Estate Planning/Advance Directives

Clients may have need for our firm’s wealth structuring/estate planning practice. The practice structures the client’s intentions regarding disposition of their real property, investments and other assets during their lifetime and after.

The transfer of assets—land, buildings, art pieces, heirlooms, investments, cash—to successive generations or according to a client’s intended disposition during life and afterwards may be the single most important legal issue for a family to work through. Most everyone knows of a valuable piece of property that is “stuck in probate.”

Clients requiring legal assistance here may need simply to ensure that a piece of land is passed to successive generations equally, or according to the client’s specific instructions. Other clients may have a legitimate need to legally shield assets from creditors, or they may have holdings in a foreign country and want to maintain them, or they may want to provide for humanitarian causes, an incapacitated loved one, or a special friend. The client may even want a particular asset’s disposition handled confidentially, without the knowledge of heirs.

McDonald Law Office is particularly suited to wealth structuring/estate planning. We will work with you to inventory your assets in confidence, take your instructions regarding your property, and draw up the documents to carry your instructions into effect. Some clients may also wish to take advantage of advanced techniques to avoid probate. Our attorneys understand family sensitivities and the need for confidentiality and will work with you to ensure that your wishes are respected according to your instructions.