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Political Lobbying

Certain clients who are not sufficiently represented on an issue or who may desire to have specific legislation introduced, may seek to have their matters addressed through the introduction of legislation or through other political resolution. For Guam, the rules for lobbying are simple and straightforward. Where an issue may be addressed at the federal level, however, the rules around lobbying are complex, the lobbying efforts require regular, detailed, and comprehensive reporting, and failure to comply may have severe consequences, including criminal prosecution.

Our firm’s lobbying practice offers advice, consultation, representation and other assistance with lobbying for legislation or other political resolution, whether the issue is purely local or of national reach. For issues that may be addressed at the federal level, McDonald Law Office LLC is registered with the U.S. House of Representatives under Registrant ID 45018 and the Senate under Registrant ID 401105921. Feel free to request a confidential review of your matter to determine whether it may properly benefit from political lobbying.