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Guam is at the center of the world, an American territory and a gateway to Asia. Our island traditions reflect this richness. Our firm thrives in it. McDonald Law Office combines our traditions with modern legal sensibility.

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Dynamic Advice, Counsel, Representation, Advocacy

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Founding Attorneys Joseph and Charles McDonald well know the uniqueness of Guam.  The  smallness of the island in the remoteness of the Western Pacific at the doorstep of Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Manila, Koror, Palikir translate to special opportunities and risks.  The nuances of individual Client objectives, decisions, and plans and their ripples may require ordinary prudence, or heightened attention with risk assessments, continuity/contingency planning, legal or nonlegal strategies.  McDonald Law Office comprehends these Dynamics.

Wealth Structuring/
Estate Planning/
Advance Directives

Ordinary Business/
Sophisticated Transactions



Criminal Investigation

Serving Your Legal Needs With 

Diligence, Integrity And Trust

Be confident and secure that your relationship with your Attorney is underwritten with highest standards of Legal Competency, Diligence, and Integrity.  Trust that your legal needs will be met with the most appropriate skillsets, deftness, strategy.  

What can you expect from our firm?

  • Dedication: We treat every case with commitment and work to pursue your best possible results, even in difficult odds.
  • Modern Resources: Our firm has access to cutting edge technology and legal resources that can alter the course of your case.
  • Time-Tested Attorneys: We are experienced in a wide range of legal areas and draw on our decades of experience to advocate for you.

Look for a firm that will prioritize you and go to battle for what is right. You can trust McDonald Law Office.

We Build Our Firm On

Tools to Facilitate Client Servicing

We incorporate technology into our Practice to provide tools and advantages that have passed traditional firms by.   McDonald Law utilizes a proprietary cloud-based case management system with encrypted transmission and storage and an encrypted communication feature for Clients operating under Strictest Confidence.  Files and information may be accessed by, and exchanged with, Clients in the Secure Environment for added security and privacy.  Our legal databases utilize AI, as does our Wealth Structuring Offering.  We also conduct business virtually with videoconferencing services.

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