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Growing Successful Cannabis Companies Across Guam

The cannabis industry in Guam is ripe for entrepreneurs and established companies alike. However, the territory has a mass of regulations with which you must comply if you hope to operate a successful cannabis business.

You can turn to our team at McDonald Law Office in Hagåtña for dynamic counsel regarding all aspects of Guam’s cannabis law. We serve international corporations, small companies, banks, individuals and a variety of other clients by providing cutting-edge legal strategies. As you grow your cannabis business, we will ensure that you stay in compliance with all local and federal regulations.

Guam’s Cannabis Laws: What To Know

Cannabis became legal in Guam in 2019 with the Guam Cannabis Industry Act. Under the law, adults aged 21 and up can legally purchase, sell and consume cannabis. Commercial dispensaries with a state-issued license can sell cannabis to customers of age. The agency that oversees the industry is called the Cannabis Control Board, or CCB. Although the state no longer criminalizes the substance, you can incur harsh civil penalties and expensive fines from the CCB for violating the law. Through our innovative business law counsel, we can ensure that you adhere to the law while also maximizing your profits.

Assertive Defense For Drug Infractions

The government cracks down hard on people and businesses found in violation of the law, sometimes by making an example of them in the criminal justice system. We help our clients proactively avoid criminal infractions through proactive regulatory compliance. However, if you stand accused of a drug crime related to cannabis, our criminal law attorneys will defend you aggressively to protect your freedom and the future of your company.

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