Local Attorneys With International Experience

Your Guides In Guam’s Lucrative Real Estate Market

The stakes are incredibly high in real estate transactions, whether you are a local resident or a foreign investor. Building your real estate portfolio in Guam is an exciting and potentially very lucrative step for business entities and private individuals. From hotels to casinos, the land is ripe for development.

Our team of real estate attorneys at McDonald Law Office is ready to assist you in purchasing existing properties or building your own commercial or residential developments. Just a few of the issues we assist with include:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Fundraising
  • Construction disputes
  • Contractor issues
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Dispute resolution

We can help you find competitive properties, then guide you through the many complex ordinances and regulations. Our firm builds a strong foundation for your presence in Guam, so you can continue to operate successfully in the long term.

Local Counsel For International Clients

Many of our clients are based elsewhere in Asia or around the globe. We can help you or your in-house counsel understand the many complexities of Guam’s local regulations. Our attorneys also have a broad and deep understanding of international real estate law and how your nation’s regulations may impact your transaction.

A Flexible And Multidisciplinary Approach

Real estate concerns often overlap with other areas, including business law, lobbying and commercial litigation. Our firm has a multidisciplinary approach that enables us to handle multiple practice areas. We use our knowledge and flexibility to develop innovative solutions to problems with overlapping legal fields.

Seek Our Legal Partnership Today

If you are ready to take the exciting step of acquiring real estate in Guam, contact McDonald Law Office in Hagåtña for competent assistance. You can call our local number at 671-588-8866 or send us an email to schedule your initial consultation. Serving Guam, internationally, Saipan and CNMI.