Ordinary Business/Sophisticated Transactions

Lawyers who know and intuitively understand Business and Transactions

Clients are best served with prudent advice before forming a company, entering a market or line of business, engaging in a transaction or business relationship, selling or buying real estate, dealing with the federal or local government, or undertaking some other for-profit activity. Clients benefit most when their Business Attorney has good business sense—an intuitive understanding of what it takes to make money.

Our Attorneys have good business sense. Joseph McDonald’s undergraduate degree from UC Davis, Economics, led to a 5-year career as a corporate banker, where he conducted in-depth financial analysis and structured business and property deals. After law school, he lawyered billion-dollar global banking and wealth management franchises. Charles McDonald has years of experience with large multinational corporations and with the tourism industry in Guam and the CNMI. He is one of a few attorneys on island with extensive legal and compliance work in the gaming industry.

Effective Solutions

We do not overthink our Business Legal Advice. We take great care to match our Client’s needs to our Service Offerings. We promptly review matters, advise on alternatives and help weigh the most effective legal approaches to business and transactional needs. If a better nonlegal solution exists, we will not hesitate to suggest it.

Legal Risk Management

There is always a chance that well laid plans or meticulously documented transactions will start to go south. Unanticipated turns of events and underappreciated risks require special Legal Skills. This is where Legal Instincts and Business Sense are a Premium. A firm’s ability to respond to deteriorating conditions is only as good as its Attorney is at Legal Risk Management. Our Attorneys have guided numerous businesspeople at various levels of organizations through sticking points in business relationships, grey areas of contracts, changes in laws and regulations, shifting business environments, certain and uncertain economic conditions, reputational damage from adverse media, even potential criminal liability.

Reputational damage can be especially catastrophic. Most often, when harm to a business’ reputation occurs, the immediate reaction is to run away from bad news and not get in front of an issue. There is little room for Management by Ostrich, however. Moreover, if serious wrongdoing is involved, the Client may want to consider corrective measures, like engaging experts to conduct an independent review and recommend changes to procedures. While one or a few remote instance may not be harmful, some Clients may operate in environments where liability is diffuse or open ended. Our Attorneys know how to assess and manage these crises events.

Business Compliance

It is a well-kept secret of successful businesses that the best, most effective way to export Legal Risk is to implement reasonable policies and procedures that are designed to reasonably assure compliance with the law. Oftentimes legal risk is best mitigated through nonlegal conventions—business compliance policies and procedures. A compliance program which helps the business keep well within the bounds of acceptable conduct will always be critically more important than a full-throated legal response.

Clients with a high degree of regulation will find our Firm particularly well suited to their regulatory compliance challenges because of the extensive regulatory compliance and control experience that our Attorneys possess. Similarly, Clients who may be faced with an investigation by the Attorney General or the United States Attorney should consider consulting with our Attorneys, who have extensive experience with corrective actions to avoid criminal prosecution.