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Handling a contractor dispute in Guam

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2024 | Construction Claims

Guam offers many possibilities for businesses and owners to establish themselves in the region. But sometimes, working on a construction project might not go as expected in terms of prices, materials, or even the handling of a contractor.

Hiring a contractor implies that you have found someone licensed, with good references, and with the required certifications. However, disputes with contractors can arise, so effectively handling these disputes is crucial to maintaining project timelines and budgets.

Finding middle ground

When a construction problem arises, discussing the issue and reviewing the terms outlined in the contract can be the first attempt to de-escalate the dispute. Negotiation could be a practical resource to address tensions about money, completion dates and other concerns.

Start by identifying which points or situations are causing trouble and be open to the contractor’s proposed solutions. However, if the problem persists or both parties cannot agree, consider alternative dispute resolutions before resorting to court action.

And if the mission failed?

A third neutral party can facilitate the process of reaching an agreement through mediation or arbitration. Arbitration typically results in a binding resolution, while mediation involves a non-binding agreement made in good faith.

After exhausting all your legal options, you should consider filing a civil action in court. Seeking legal assistance is crucial, as an experienced lawyer can guide you and recommend a suitable course of action for your case.

A comprehensive contract covering all the agreements between you and your contractor is better than fighting. The assistance of an attorney experienced in contractor disputes can help you draft the legal tools you need to protect your interests and address any questions about your project.